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Participation is FREE, no cost to the participants. Friday5K has discontinued the pursuit of contributions for the 2020 season and intends to provide 10 self-timed events.


The cornerstone of is to provide FREE races to individuals, but you must register on this website.  It is FREE to register and you only have to do it once in your life.  



An inviting series of 5Ks that strives to give you something in this uncertain environment, on one of West Michigan's most scenic courses.


Hint: Self timed races end on prime numbered Fridays.


What is a prime number?

A number evenly divisible by only itself and one.  So let me help you.  If a Friday, during the race season, falls on any of the following dates [2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, or 31, and sometimes 1*] there will be a Friday 5K.

*Technically 1 is not a prime number as it is only divisible by itself, but some learned it as a prime number so occasionally Friday5K gives it honorary prime number status.

Season 9 Dates

  • 11/29/2019 [Soft opening for 2020 season]
    Race starts at 10:00 AM

    Following, self timed, races end at 8:30PM on the following dates.

  • 5/29/2020

  • 6/5/2020

  • 6/19/2020

  • 7/3/2020

  • 7/17/2020

  • 7/31/2020

  • 8/7/2020

  • 9/11/2020

  • 10/2/2020

  • 10/23/2020


  • Unofficial "Real Time" results posted on the website 

  • Record keeping of your results at

  • A photo of your finish with an overlay of finish time and pace [still the goal for 2020]

  • Detailed "Report Card" showing your achievement

  • Virtual "Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament" for prizes.

  • For the first time in Friday5K history, achievement awards for overall male and female, overall male and female master, and age group 3 deep, in the form of collectible stickers.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


  • There  will be 10 events.

    Friday5K is no longer seeking additional contributions for the 2020 season, but there will only be one course, the original course at Beachwood Park.  Participants will be responsible to know the course.


  • Unofficial results are now posted in real time, official results will be posted at within 48 hours of the event.

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